Please can someone find Me a holiday

    I know people always ask for these but after trawling thw Internet I'm trying to find a holiday any time between the 15th sep to 26th sep,, anywhere in Europe and under 800 for 2 adults I know it's a big ask but there is magic in hukd community. Many thanks in advance

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    I've no idea where you'd like to depart from, but Travel Supermarket has plenty of holidays (flight & hotel) between those dates for under £800 flying in/out of any London airport. I rarely actually book through Travel Supermarket, I usually use it to give me some ideas and then often shop around for a better deal on the individual elements - best holiday deal I've ever got was a 3 nights in a nice self catering apartment in Ibiza in mid May, plus flights and hire car, for £203.

    collow sunshine stacey or mark bowen on here. they put up sone amazing deals


    you can definately do it in your budget

    few options


    what exactly do you want?

    beach? city? cheap cost of living?

    i did calpe (alicante) second week of sept last year for £225 per person for 4 days including car hire... so i def know you can do it in your budget (flying from leeds bradford)

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    Sorry a port will be East mids as I'm from lincoln, any nice beach holiday not really clubbing hopefully all inclusive not bothered with car hire, and 7 nights and up, I like Spain, Greece, Portugal, them sort of country's thanks cheapest the better I am following them too but nothing in sep yet

    check holidaypirates website for ideas


    collow sunshine stacey or mark bowen on here. they put up sone amazing … collow sunshine stacey or mark bowen on here. they put up sone amazing deals

    used to

    Anywhere in Europe for under £800, Blackpool or Rhyl.


    thats quite a big ask
    £400 per person for flights, hotel, transfer and all food... this far in advance
    those things do come up but generally late last minute deals

    how flexible are dates ie +1 day either side (come resorts have different flight days etc)
    how flexible is budget ?
    How flexible is all inclusive ? would you consider a cheap self catering ? so you can spend the difference on food yourself ?
    how flexible is airport eg would Birmingham be an option ?

    ill have a look around

    got an all inclusive to rhodes at the moment for £480 per person Total Price:£959 but it flys Tue 16th to Tue

    east midlands to alicante 17/9/14- 24/9/14

    base price £276 (hand luggage only) one suitcase return = £41 extra

    lots of hotels on tripadvisor for £50 a night 4 star hotel (compare to tripadvisor)

    £350 + £276 = £626 optional £41 for suitcase and possible cashback

    can be cheaper seen a 2 star hotel at £36 a night, but you want something decent

    alicante cheap as well... i went to calpe twice, and there's benidorm nearby

    just read the *all inclusive*

    jet2 holidays got 17th sept 7 nights all inclusive at the Hi! Simar Hotel for £802

    i seriously dontknow what the reviews are like though

    i just searched what your asking for

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    Hey thanks guys I'm going to go on the websites supplied and find the best deal, many thanks for your help, is holiday Pirates a pain to get everything sorted what happens if you can get the flights and hotel but the transfers have sold out ? thanks

    Ryanair have some good flights,easiiest way for me when booking is to check flights out on Ryanair,and then go onto travel republic and enter dates under the "holiday" tab,it will give you flights,hotel and total price,you can also price the transfers too and book them if needed....that is a pretty good budget and can be done...below is just a couple of options I looked at for you.

    East Midlands → Palma Mallorca
    Mon, 15 Sep 2014 17:30 - 21:00
    ▼2 Adult, 59.98 GBP

    2 x Adult Fare
    59.98 GBP

    Palma Mallorca → East Midlands
    Fri, 26 Sep 2014 06:50 - 08:25
    ▼2 Adult, 59.98 GBP
    2 x Adult Fare
    59.98 GBP

    Discount Pay by debit card: 119.96 GBP
    Pay by credit card: 122.36 GBP

    Total119.96 GBP

    East Midlands → Alicante
    Tue, 16 Sep 2014 17:00 - 20:30

    ▼2 Adult, 57.98 GBP
    2 x Adult Fare
    57.98 GBP

    Alicante → East Midlands
    Tue, 23 Sep 2014 21:05 - 22:55

    ▼2 Adult, 109.98 GBP
    2 x Adult Fare
    109.98 GBP

    Discount Pay by debit card: 167.96 GBP
    Pay by credit card: 171.32 GBP

    Total167.96 GBP


    East Midlands → Ibiza
    Thu, 18 Sep 2014 06:40 - 10:15

    ▼2 Adult, 115.98 GBP
    2 x Adult Fare
    115.98 GBP

    Ibiza → East Midlands
    Thu, 25 Sep 2014 10:50 - 12:20

    ▼2 Adult, 73.98 GBP
    2 x Adult Fare
    73.98 GBP

    Discount Pay by debit card: 189.96 GBP
    Pay by credit card: 193.76 GBP
    Total189.96 GBP

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    That is a bargain I will have a look tonight thankyou very much so just go on travel Republic and them deals are there ?

    easiest way (i find) is too price the flights (and suitable dates) on ryanair first.............then go onto travel republic looking to book a holiday,enter the dates and destination that suits you and it will bring up a package,you can filter price low to high too on travel republic,which makes your budget easier to always look at the accomodation on trip advisor firstas it gives you a better and more honest opinion of the hotels.

    I agree with trisham3838 but just to add, you could try using Skyscanner to look for your flights as they'll give cheapest prices for flights to whichever location you choose, from various suppliers. It can sometimes (not always!) work out cheaper to book flights with different suppliers, e.g. go out with Ryanair back with Easyjet. Happy holiday hunting:)

    holidayquote co uk
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