Please can someone help with USB/MP3 player?

    I have just bought a Sansa 1GB MP3 player from Amazon.

    I have had it plugged into my USB port, but suddenly today my computer just isn't recognising that it is there.

    When plugged in, the device doesn't show up in 'My computer' at all so I can't drag files over to it, but the MP3 player knows it's connected and I still have to do the 'eject hardware' process before unplugging it so the computer does know that it is there.

    Please, please can someone help me?

    P.S. I can't find any Sansa software for it either, so can't do it that way.



    If I am right Sansa is a SanDisk product. You could most likely find drivers/ firmware update on their site?

    ]SanDisk Drivers Page

    It may also be useful to reboot your PC, have your MP3 player turned off and plug it in to your pc, then switch your mp3 player on.

    If the drivers for the mp3 player don't work and the reboot sequence - I would probably try to get the latest drivers for my PC usb ports.

    My last resort would be to do a factory reset on the MP3 player (using the Sansa Connect Recovery Tool
    from the link above) and then put all your music back on.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    Original Poster

    Thanks very much for your help/

    I have already tried to reboot as you suggested but that didn't work.

    I already tried to download the 'digital audio player software (1GB)' from Sandisk, but for some reason the pages simply reloads when I click the link.

    I am on Windows ME - how would I go about locating up to date USB drivers, please?

    have you tried any other device in the usb port as it may be faulty and what os are you using:)

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    My mouse works fine.

    I am using Windows ME, assuming that's what you were asking?


    It sounds like it is broken. I had a flash usb device that worked ok one day, them the next wouldnt work on anything.

    Check it on another couple of PCs and if its not recognised, you will know its duff.

    EDIT - just saw you are using ME.... so nip into PC world and plug into a PC with XP on it!!!! They wont need any drivers or software.

    My daughter had exactly the same problem, it was solved by reinstalling the sandisc software.

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    I haven't got the software

    The disc that came with it only contains PDF files, and the website aint letting me download any software, just keeps refreshing the page.

    Will have to try it on another computer and go from there - in the meantime, if anyone has any other suggestions...

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    EDIT - just saw you are using ME.... so nip into PC world and plug into a … EDIT - just saw you are using ME.... so nip into PC world and plug into a PC with XP on it!!!! They wont need any drivers or software.

    What will this do please?



    What will this do please?

    Confirm whether the device is working or not. If it works on another PC with XP on it, then you know the MP3 player is ok and the problem is with the USB ports of your PC. My betting is the device is knackered.

    I just suggested PC world if you dont have access to another machine.... they will have one! ;-)

    it could be the drivers for usb are missing in your os(ME) but if you take it to pc world and try it in a xp pc or try it in a friends pc with xp it will tell you if it is broke if it is it wont show in my computer if it does show you need usb drivers from microsoft download site.
    You dont need drivers for your device with xp
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