Please can someone send me an invite for spotify?

    My friends have told me loads about spotify - the music streaming thingy online - and I finally go to make an account and it turns out that you need an invite, so as most of my friends are either out partying, loved up with boyfriends, at home asleep with flu or otherwise engaged, I thought I would ask some kind person on here if you would please send me an invite.


    I thought you didn't need invites anymore?

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    I thought you didn't need invites anymore?

    The website says I do :cry:

    I got some invites, what's your email address?

    Edit: Actually I'll PM you

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    Thank you so much for the invite code - I tried to PM back to say thanks but your inbox is full. Thanks again.

    No problem.

    if anyone has another invite please can you send it my way.

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    It's sooo good - so easy to set up and really clear music, I'm really impressed. Thanks again for the code.

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    if anyone has another invite please can you send it my way.thanks

    I don't know how to generate them and if I can as I've just joined but I'm having a look and will try and send you one if noone gets there first.

    Edit: In my account it says I have 0 invites left, sorry about that.

    dont need a code now, if you enter using this link you can register without an invite.…ed/

    Only wanted it to try it on my iphone but you need to a premium account to do that and i am not paying £9.99/month for it lol.
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