please can someone tell me the time in new zealand.

Found 22nd Feb 2009
as above i really need to contact someone but dont want to ring until i know what time it is over there as it could be the middle of the night please help this is really important rep will be given.


plus 12hours in Auckland according to my computer clock

3.41 am monday :thumbsup:

Yep - work on them being 12 hours ahead and you won't be far wrong!

think its 3.43am monday

no its 3.45am monday morning!

Normally its 12 hours, except when daylight saving so 13 hours at moment…686

If you can use a computor to write such a question.
Why waste time google whats the time in ????
I:oops::whistling::w00t:ITS FAR QUICKER

Don't think anyone from NZ will be reading this :
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