Please can somone point me in the right direct to download blu ray box covers please?

    as above i have been search all morning but most of the places i have found u need to register or pay which i want to avoid if possable



    Buy the original Bluray, i hear you get the box cover free


    And select Blu-ray from the drop down list

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    Buy the original Bluray, i hear you get the box cover free

    i have the orignal .... i bought the film disc only

    KillFelix;8897469 select Blu-ray from the drop down list

    +1 probably the best cover site, untill Carlsberg make one anyway. :thumbsup:


    this is great for printing all covers…asp

    [FONT=verdana][SIZE=2][COLOR=black]- easy to use interface

    - quickly opens your covers and stretch them directly to the good size on your printer

    - supports over 360 file formats including bmp / jpg / jpg 2000 / gif / psd / png / ...

    - supports many precut papers (>60) and has a custom paper mode

    - drag and drop covers from your favorite cover site directly inside the software so you don't even need to lose time by first downloading and saving them and then having to print them all.

    - preview feature with zoom (1x/2x/4x/8x) and dynamic refresh

    - acquire your pictures directly from your scanner or webcam (TWAIN compatible)

    - command line features so it can be called from other software to open / print your covers

    - fine printer adjustements

    - customize your spines with custom textures and a small tool to cut pictures to fit in the spines

    - coverXP's download module (when the software is minimized there is a small window to drag covers from internet explorer)

    - rotate / flip / mirror features

    - splitted mode for full booklets or keepcases that have separated front / back pictures

    - on screen anti-alias can be setted to have all time high quality pictures even when stretched on screen.

    - contains banners
    price : nothing[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]


    i second that and but freecovers require's registration but it's free.


    A thanks would be nice...
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