PLEASE Can soneone help me with Quidco and Purple Parking

    I have been trying for a few days to get through to Purple Parkin (quidco) all other sites I am having no trouble with just this one, I wrote to quidco and they responded
    Hi, Thank you for your enquiry. I have tested the link for this merchant and it is now working. The reason for it being blocked is due to either your internet security software, your browser, or your firewall settings. To resolve this please make sure you are not running any ad-blocking software. For further assistance on on adjusting your settings please refer to…123 Kind regards, Quidco

    But I dont know how to do this I followed their link above and it just takes me to my settings page with no clickable link in quidco so can someone help talk me through checking if my setting are right to enable me to visit Purple Parking through quidco
    Many thanks in advance

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