Please Charge your....

    I've never understood this reason, and every time you purchase a phone, you are told this (well mostly!)

    Charge your phone for at least 14 / 18 / 24 hours before use!

    Now why? And why is it important? And if you don't follow this, what are the consequences?

    Anyone shed any light or give an opinion?


    my opinion: this rule doesn't apply to li-ion batteries... when you buy a new phone the battery is already charged 40-50-60%...

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    I've heard that it affects battery life in the long run.

    However, isnt there a newish type of battery that never loses it's life?


    However, isnt there a newish type of battery that never loses it's life?

    didn't hear this

    There is a fascinating reason behind all this that I was reading about almost 2 years ago now. There's a fantastic website about batteries that has all the technical information behind the chemicals used and why charging matters etc. etc.
    I'll dig up the link for you ]MattC.
    In the meantime, read here:


    Here we are:

    thanks x10
    told you so Matt

    Charging lithium-ion batteries[SIZE=2] … Charging lithium-ion batteries[SIZE=2] [COLOR=#666633](BU12)[/COLOR]Lithium-ion is a very clean system and does not need priming as nickel-based batteries do. The 1st charge is no different to the 5th or the 50th charge. Stickers instructing to charge the battery for 8 hours or more for the first time may be a leftover from the nickel battery days. [/SIZE]

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