please check this for me

    is this laptop any good ??? sorry bit thick me lol…522


    depends what it's for but i reckon you could do better for that price...

    ]this one looks reasonable in my opinion... it's widescreen as well and there's some discount codes floating about somewhere.

    tbh i'd go for a dell outlet one... i've found they're fab value tho i'm no expert!

    link not working so unable to comment

    lol currys always going crazy

    lol yeh the comet one isnt working now... it was last night...!

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    arrrgghhhhh its out of stock now and im running out of time... last month everywhere seem to have them for £299 .. not now they aint

    pcworld have a latop for 299 dunno how good it is and cant get on there site to post a link

    its been on tv latley tho

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    its out of stock :-(

    Whot can u say here today gone tommrow (:

    how about this … how about this one[email protected]@@@2048589857.116635753 [email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccckaddjjgfhhedcflgceggdhhmdgml. 0&page=Product&fm=null&sm=null&tm=null&sku=389383& category_oid=-27751

    its says its out of stock online but they may have some in stock.
    They had this on offer a month or so ago. It had 512mb RAM instead of 256mb. Instore it was £399.99. But online it was £299.99. So we reserved on for store pick up and got it for £299.99.
    Its an entry level laptop but found it to pretty good.
    Its worth a visit to the store.

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    i just phoned them and the out of stock nationwide but might get some b4 christmas... i dont like might lol
    thanks for ya help

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    oh i give up .... thats it she's getting a vtech lol

    shame u cant hang on till after xmass im sure they will be giving them away in the sales (:

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    when do the sales start cos im going to my parents on the 27th and could give it to her there

    why don't you put an I.O.U or a promise for a laptop in a card and then take here shopping for it in the sales!! The sales will prob start boxing day cos they can't wait to take our money (whats left of it!) yet again !!

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    when do the sales start cos im going to my parents on the 27th i could give it to her then

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    ooops it did post sorry im new to this i thought my last message didnt work

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    thanks malibu777 great idea
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