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    Hi duckmagicuk2, Can you help me please. I'm after a LGU880 on three Network with a 12 month FREE line rental but it needs to be PINK. :oops: I have spent hours going through your list but I can only find the Silver and Black ones.


    I'm afraid not... the cheapest price on the pink version is £210, but it's a fairly new phone so given a couple of weeks (maybe even less) it could come crashing down.

    e.g. The Ministry of Sound phone was £100+ when it came out, but a week later it was on free contracts.

    I'll let you know if I see it cheaper. If you haven't heard in a fortnight and you are still looking then let me know and I'll take a look.

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    OK, Thanks again.
    Do you know of a 'FREE' 12 month contract with 3 Network for a flip 'girly' phone with mp3 player and or radio please.

    Not really. They're all covered in the thread. If the 'girly' (you or someone else?) likes music then you might want to take a look at the Ministry of Sound phone listed.

    What about the Poppy duckmagicuk2? That's pretty girly and it was on 12 month free recently. Has the deal expired?

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    duckmagicuk2, The MOS phone is pretty ugly, IMO. Not really a 'girly' phone. It's for my 14 year old Daughter.
    Admin, I think that 'free' offer has finished and it does not have a mp3 or radio.

    Thanks for your time guys.
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