Please explain how this works? primary license XBOX LIVE GOLD ACCOUNT

    Ok I just came across this - 12 months XBOX Live for £23.79 - seems too good to be true so probably is.…hs/

    but what is it? It reads:

    "XBOX Live Gold Account – 12 months (XB1)



    - play on your own account, you can delete our account after initial setup

    - earn achievements, play online, get updates

    - full, exclusive ownership over the account

    - set your own email and password to ensure only you have access


    This is an existing account with 12 Months of Xbox Live Gold. By setting this account up on your console you will gain access to Gold features on every other account on that device.

    You will unlock XB1 multiplayer, parties and chats. The Games with Gold will be available, however you will have to “purchase” them on the account we provide and from there they can be shared to other accounts on your console just like the Gold itself or other games we sell."

    So I am assuming this is not a straight forward membership? How does it work and is it dodgey? Thanks.


    They send you the details for another account with gold which you add to your console. This allows every account on your console to have gold.

    Stay away from any deal like this where you're given another account with the item for sale

    Stay well, well away from this (and anything else from that site).

    They're offering login details to an account that you won't own and for which they could remove access at any time.

    They've bought Xbox Live gold in a foreign country on the account they're selling. You buy the account, download it to your Xbox, set up Xbox Live gold sharing and you get Xbox Live gold for your main account as well.


    Most of the time these profiles are "bought" with stolen credit cards. Microsoft can, and do, cancel these subscriptions, and as it's against their TOS you can be banned for it. Not worth the risk for a few quid saving.

    You are basically paying for access to somebody else's account. Easy for the seller to revoke your access.

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    Thanks so much all of you - I thought there must be something not quite right and indeed there was!! So glad you all responded.
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