Last night my car was broken into on my drive way, they didn't get much but left the window broken. I'm with tesco insurance so I phoned autoglass, they said it would take a couple of days to install purspex and don't know how long to get a Toyota lucida drivers side front window. I phoned tesco, who gave greenflag as their out of hours number. I spoke to someone who said they would take the car away, off the drive way, to a secure place, she said this came under my comprehensive cover and would not effect my protected no claims, even though I had already had a ding this year, she said this was because it wasn't my fault and I have a police reference. She told me they would keep my car until it was fixed and provide a replacement. She told me to phone tesco customer service this morning and they would sort the details of this.

    My choices from tesco: Pay for the window and recovery or lose 2 years no claims.

    I've registered a complaint with greenflag, who informed me they will listen to the call and get back to me today.

    Autoglass have said they can do purspex tomorrow and it may take a couple of weeks for the glass, I've cancellled at the moment in the hope i can find someone else who has it.

    My car is still at a facillity.

    I need to know if anyone knows where I stand? Is it worth it to pay all of the charges or lose my no claims? Does anyone know where I can get a Toyota Lucida Front drivers side window?

    Thank you


    breakers yards are good places to get re placemetns
    sorry about the breakin

    did you say that you had 'protected no claims' if so your NCB shouldn't be affected at all.

    try a local scrap yard


    sorry about the breakin

    You made it sound a little like it was you who did it! Phone around a few local places - is there a dealership locally?

    i know for sure that glass on cars does NOT affect your no claims bonus. you just have a (normally) £60 excess to pay. Autoglass should have fit perspex the same/or next day as side glass is a priority over your windscreen as your car is unsecure.
    when are autoglass going to fit it with perspex?

    (btw, i used to work in both insurance and at autoglass)

    i can believe that it will take that long to get, as its probably light tinted (a breakeryard might have the same glass but it may be a different colour) ie blue/grey/bronze

    also the car is an import and the same applies to the glass.

    usually most carglass companys get there UK glass from the same company, which is owned by the same company that owns autoglass. the irony

    best bet to let Autoglass do the job and fit you perspex in the mean time :-)

    Original Poster

    Green flag have apologised and are returning my car, so I'm now not being charged for that. I just need to getthe window done, so as you say my no claims is safe, I just pay the £75. Autoglass were being difficult so tesco gave me the rac number, I'm waiting to hear if the perspex can be put in to day. We may have to drive to basildon to hav it put in, but I don't mind that if it get done today. I don't mind what colour glass it is. We already have a mix of tints lol Thanks for all the comments
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