Please HELP! :(

    Right basically, im in a band and were doing really well, we have supported toploader, we have supported other big bands, and we have a big fan base. But our main problem is our myspace. Unfortunately neither myself or any of the others can use HTTP codes.

    This is my bands myspace --->‌…ars
    And we want it to look something like this--->‌…ire

    Like with our name at the top, and it looks like it all is made for it, which it kinda is. Do you know anyone that designs myspace layouts? Or could you do it...we were hopefully looking for a kind gesture from someone but were willing to pay if we have to as its important.


    That's a mess

    You'd be better buying a proper web site and using a dedicated program to create your site. I use Frontpage, but others will suggest better programs.

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    Yes i know lol...were noobs at the HTTP you create websties at all? Or is there anyway i can forward that link ( onto our own website which we would create.

    I don't know much about the workings of myspace, I have been creating websites for about ten years. I used to pay someone to do mine until I took a course at night school. Within a few lessons I had a site up and running. You don't want to be giving anyone on here your password for myspace:)

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    lol i wasn't thinking of doing you have a link to one of your sites at all? Also, would you be able to create one for us at all...i mean we would pay you of course for wasting your own time...if you can't its no problem

    I'd advice getting stuck in and trying yourself - it will be cheaper in the long run. See PM.

    Just a quick note, its an html coder your after, not http, http stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol which is a completely different thing. It might make your search a bit easier.

    faevilangel is great at websites, plus he's lovely

    take a look at this
    this is easily achievable using plain old html, even using frontpage which is as easy to use as word

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    Ok i think i get what people are on about...does anybody know off or can themselves make websites...ideally so it can play a music player built in to the page...
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