please help

    Hi Guys - I was just wondering whether it was possible to get a headset with Microphone - which is Bluetooth enabled to use with a P.C for making calls over the internet,

    and also which would be the best bluetooth adapter for the P.C .

    If anyone could help Id be most greateful- to be honest, im a little bamboozeled !!

    Thanks in advance


    Is this the kind of thing you want ?…y=0

    ps. Only checked for product, not price !

    i have found a similar one : ]http//ww…670

    just a little bit cheaper from here

    I am having trouble finding any real bluetooth gaming headsets, but have you thought of using the Xbox 360 wireless headset on your PC?

    All you need is to buy the xbox 360 wirless adaptor and plug it into your PC, then you can use the wireless headset and gamepad just as you would on the Xbox 360.

    Original Poster

    thanks for these suggestion guys, i didnt know these small ones could be used with a pc. Do you know if any bluetooth adapter for the pc would work with these ?

    Also, I was wondering if you had any links to ones which were - like proper size headphones?

    Thanks again, i really appreciate your replys



    Lol, I think I really missed the point of the OP. I thought you were after a gaming headset.


    Is this one?


    Sorry if not!
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