Found 8th Feb 2007
Hiya there rite where do i start!
Before xmas i ordered a thomas the tank beanie chair. i later rang up to cancel and was refunded my money but the item arrived a few days later. I rang them up and told them i didnt want it and that they should come and collect it. the lady told me because it had turned up they wud have to charge me again and then refund me when the chair arrived safely back with them so i although a hassle i agreed. ANWAY they didnt charge me again, therefore they didnt have to refund me again so as it stands
They have there chair back and i dont owe them money and they dont owe me nowt. so anyway i fort that would be the end of it but now they are sending me out bills for the chair and now adding ten quid here and there for adminastration fees. Now i didnt realise this because they had been sending them to a slightly wrong address. SOOOO i went into my account bit on there and emailed them asking why i would have to pay for a chair i dont even have. But i get really paranoid about stuff like this. However my "senseble" side of me is saying hey i have bank statements and i also have the card from the man that came to collect the chair so why worry...........but i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bloody littlewoods

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You should've kept the chair without agreeing to have the card charged again...

If a company sends something out by mistake, it is their problem and they cannot charge you for it. Seems to me like you were done by a smooth talker on that one.

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well i didnt want the chair and they never did charge my card again shud i just not worry bout it, see what they email back and if it comes to it send in a copy of the card from the delivery man and a copy of my bank statement that shows me originally pay, then them refund me but nothing more to do with them, in the letter if i did sorta be like looking ive providing the evidence what cud i say as in basically if u dont leave me alone ill.......... whats sorta on my side im sure im protected against this sorta thing


bloody littlewoods

I had a feeling this was coming :whistling:

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dont say that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You need to get this cleared up with them, i wouldnt worry too much about it but ignoring it wont help as catalogues can put a bad credit mark against you.

As long as you have all the proof you are ok, but i would ring up and get it cleared up today just so they dont add any more charges to your account.

Remember if you dont sort it out it could affect your future credit score.

Yup, do not ignore it. Don't email them, get on the phone and explain everything. Tell them you will send a photo copy of the card by recorded delivery if they need proof. If you just ignore it, as already stated you will end up with a black mark against you.

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just want to let you all know that i rang them and they have sorted it all out my new statement will say 0pence! once again panicking for no reason

You need to bear in mind that accounts are done by computer, so if an item is flagged as not returned etc it will stay that way. If you mail you can't always guarantee that it will be actioned. If you phone (like you did) then things are amended/sorted out there and then while you're talking to them. So my advice is ALWAYS PHONE:thumbsup: (and don't forgt to make a note of that time that you rang & the name of the person that you spoke to, just in case!).
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