Please help - a word needed!!

    Please can you help me. I am looking for a word to help with my dissertation that describes good, positive, beneficial things, things that are positive. for example, i am using a model that is like traffic lights, red , amber green, but using the words restrictors, ambivilence and then need one that starts with g..... I cant use the word good as it doesnt fit properly.... i have trawled the G section of the dictionary and cant think of anything.....any help would be extremely gratefully received, thanks MrsSmithyp1


    Gratifying? Not sure if it fits the context tho tbh


    Gratifying? Not sure if it fits the context tho tbh

    thats the only one i could think of




    watch that spelling of ambivalence!

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    Hi all, thanks for your help, gratifying was the only one that i thought of, i will go with it they can only tell me to change!! thanks again
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