please help and vote for Jamie--Lee

    i know i have posted this before, i shouldnt start a new thread, however its the last day of voting for Jamie-lee and the prize is a year of nappies, and this woul be fab to me haha, so please vote for her, i would have bumped other thread but becuase of site, i cant find it!!

    link belorw, oh no how do i submit a link??

    well shes on page 623, hopefully thats where the link should tak you too, and shes on the bottom row, Jamie-le the smiler, Please vote, sorry just relised 2 moror is the last day!!…623



    click on your username and then find all post by shell, its the 6th one down

    Or type Jamie-lee in the search box. :whistling:

    Original Poster

    yeah when i did , click on all post by shell, it came up advanced search and couldnt find it?

    Are the nappies bio-degradable and made in an environmentally aware way? Or is it a years supply of washable nappies?
    Also as a mum of 5 hugely disagree with 'baby competitions' and posting pics of babies on public sites. There are a lot of weirdo's around.

    Sorry that wasn't meant to sound harsh or abrubt, I would just never post pics of my little one's as I don't think it's that safe, especially with their names. But maybe I am just over protective.:)

    this is ridiculous.

    it has to break the rues of the competition and for me here would almost be a ban-able offense.

    having children, what an achievement.

    Personally I don't see anything wrong with self promotion to try and win something.
    I voted for you & JL, good luck

    It's gotten a bit like this site at the moment.......Unbelievable.

    Original Poster

    oh my lord, its only a bit of fun, can we do any athing any more

    thanxs arcbite, im only having some fun

    Voted, it's nice to do something on this site ATM that isn't going to break
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