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Found 17th May 2007
sorry for the mad title but i need help..

a few weeks ago i booked a visit from british gas to fix my boiler

i was told this would cost £144

i booked the job and a engineer visited a few days later. He needed a part so he told me that he would attend a few days later with parts. we arranged with the engineer for him to come on a certain day - which he never attended (this was not his fault as he didnt know the part was OOS)

we didnt get a phone call telling us that he would not be coming
my partner took a day off work and no one turned up

I called british gas who told us that they would call us back- which never happened - they also told us they would try to compensate us for our losses

We never got a call back - i called them a dy or 2 later to be told again that someone would give us a call - whicbh never happened

then i had a family member died so i left it alone for a while - i got back to them last week - they re arranged the engineer for yesterday (partner took day off) - i phoned british gas yesterday afternoon (420) to be told he will be attending before 6

well 10 min later i got a phone call telling me that british gas would not be coming as the part was locked up in a engineers van - the engineer is on holiday and will not be back until the 29th of may!!!
i was also told that british gas do not offer compensation for loss of earnings - but they offered me a tenner!...............

ive just phoned british gas now to be told that someone might be there today
and they are going to see how they can reimburse me

at the minimum what would you accept - my missus wants the work doing free of charge! - as she has lost around £160 in wages..

the thing that really winds me up is i was told i could recieve compensation - and now i cannot - as they dont do this!

what would you do
(they are calling me back soon!)

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You won't get the job done free, but you could offer to pay for the part and tell them to stuff the labour charge, because of all the hassle you have had.

You could also tell them that you are not in a position to be in the house today as they told you nobody was able to get the part until the 29th, so that is the date you are now working to.

I would also tell them that you have spoken to the BBC watchdog program and they would be interested in having one of their reporters there when the engineer comes to see how difficult it has been to sort a relatively small problem out. I would think if you get no joy with her ask for a supervisor or higher.

Write a polite but firm letter to their customer services, and you might get about £50. We had a whole host of problems with british gas, I wrote and complained, they phoned me back and offered £50. I couldn't be bothered to take it further or push for more, so I accepted it.


what would you do(they are calling me back soon!)

I would first and foremost concentrate on getting the job done but make it very clear that I am very, very angry about what has happened and that I will continue to complain about the cost, to me, in time and money. Instead of paying them they should be compensating me. I have found that in situations like this you just keep firm about who is at fault.

As Crazy1 suggests, mention BBC Watchdog (have a look at the BBC site for their report on BG customer relations). I would also threaten to change suppliers.

I know how you feel as we had a BG contract for 20 years and didn't discover until we changed suppliers what a rotten job they had made of our central heating maintenance.


my case is slightly different with british gas as it was for the kitchen appliances insurance but i found them VERY fair if you keep complaining and ask to speak to a manager etc.

I had the appliance insurance and it was for my washer etc. the washer broke and someone came out to mend it (it was leaking inside). At that time it was whereby british gas paid up to 50% towards a new appliance if it was under 7 years old. The man came to fix it and it was one month before it changed to if it was uneconomical for them to fix then basically you got back a little of your insurance. It was mended as we thought and then started to leak again. When my husband looked inside the washer the man had actually put a rag inside to hold the water and then hopefully if i used the dryer then i would not notice the leak. I was furious and demanded the manager. (it took a lot of patience and phone calls). He came out that evening and i told him that the washer had now soaked my floor underneath the flotex carpet and he asked what i wanted. I told him a new washer and my old washer taking away. I got one (of my choice) delivered the next day and i was not charged anything.

I also had my cooker last year insured and they failed to turn up to repair it around christmas time. they did come out to look what it needed but as you have said the part was ordered and then the man was away etc. I waited 4 weeks for this and then after speaking to the manager i was told i could receive £250 towards a cooker from a place british gas deal with so in my experience if you keep on at them they do cough up.:)
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