Please help - Can't get Nissan Pathfinder wireless keyfob to retune

Found 8th Aug 2010
Calling all Nissan mechanics!! Please please please can someone help as it's doing my nut in!!
I had a little accident with my key fob (it had a good cycle in the wash!) and even though it still works via using the buttons on the fob itself it won't wirelessly let me turn the ignition on or open the doors when I press the little button on the door to open it. Someone with a pathfinder will know what I'm on about as I know that this makes no sense! It's even confusing me!! I have googled it and it states to look the doors via the internal switch etc etc but the darn thing just won't work. Any chance that I may have broken the remote or does it need retuning?
Thank you ever so much in advance to anyone who can help
Claire x - yes I am blonde!!
P.s I have already changed the battery for a new one.
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