Please help, computer problem!!!

Found 29th Dec 2007
Hi, whenever I try to burn a disc my computer just cuts out as though the plugs been pulled out. I'm using nero to burn my my discs and never had problems before, i've also tried finalBurner but the same results.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Upgrade the firmware on your burner. Download Nero Info Tool to find out what firmware you have.
Hi, if the whole computer is switching off it could indicate that the power supply for the PC is either overloaded or is on the way out. I am assuming that the CD burner was working fine before, so this would maybe indicate that your power supply is at fault. Have you added any new components to your PC recently? If you have it may now have overloaded the supply too.

I have to agree that it is probably your Power Supply. Too many components requiring power from an ageing power supply means that you get volts drop enough to go too low for the Motherboard, so the PC reboots thinking it has just had a power cut. They can be picked up for £18 (400W) and installed easily. Just remember where the plugs go......
Also, ensure the checkbox in Nero/FinalBurn which says "shut down the computer when finished" does not have a tick in it
Could also be poor ventilation/dodgy fans causing a shutdown when reaching a certain temp as burning cd's/dvd's causes the pc to work harder therefore increase of temperature, check in bios what the shutdown temperature is then install something like Speedfan link try burning again and watch the cpu temp to see what point it cuts out at if its the same as the cutout point in your bios then you have poor ventilation or a dodgy fan which is causing the problem. If all fans are ok then try adding another fan at the front of the case pulling air in and blowing towards the back making sure all the fans are working in the same direction, also clean the fan blades if there is a build up of dirt on them and blow the heatsink on the cpu as its amazing how much dirt a pc can suck in even in the cleanest of enviroments!
do you run any other processes whilst burning a cd??
Sometimes if too much memory(RAM) is getting used up the computer restarts or shuts down...
Uninstall the software and install it again, that may help.
there may be a chance you have a virus etc...
Have to agree with a couple of the posts above, as Xmal said a power supply on it's last legs could give you this behaviour. Also, check it's not an overheating problem as Harltzer said as i've removed 'dust elephants' from some cpu fans and problem solved.Make sure you unplug the PC tower before you try this as you don't want to be shocked. Also remove any dust by hand, preferably while grounding yourself, e.g. by holding a radiator to remove any static on you or your clothes. Also be aware that using a vacuum can cause static discharges that could fry your cpu. Sorry if i'm telling my granny how to suck eggs here, mate!

Good luck!
Hi, it *may* be an overheating problem, but when the PC cuts out, it would tend to do it more randomly. So if the PC cuts out when it does any CPU intensive task then it is overheating. I have a program you can use that will stress the CPU. If it cuts out when it does this task it *may* be overheating. PM if you want to use it. Clean the CPU, try another CD burn and get back to us with your findings...

Thanks to everyone for the help, I searched for the latest firmware but i'm all up to date on that. I'm thinking that it could be an overheating problem as it does get pretty hot to touch. Forgot to mention before that its a laptop so not sure if the power supply theory would still be valid, the battery is knackered so always run straight from the mains. Thanks again for the help, i'll get the dust cleaned out later this week then get back to you.
replace the memory- thatll sort it!
replace the memory LOL 50 quid to fix a simple problem!
Power Management- (Ctrl Panel) Set it to always on.
It could be staying on battery power?
Could be overheating...
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