Please help! Desperate for TV advice.

    I'm looking to finally invest in a new tv.
    I paid about £1800 a few years ago for my panasonic 37" but it's time to upgrade.
    I have really lost touch with what's what and what to get. HDTV, LCD, LED, Plasma????
    What is the difference?

    I'll basically be sitting about 3 metres from the tv and it will be under a very large window but the light will obviously be behind the tv. There are no other qwindows in the room.
    I heard something about plasma's reflecting the light etc but i don't know if this will matter if the light is behind the tv.

    What is the difference between LED + LCD?
    60hz, 100hz???
    Would a 40" be best?
    What make should i get?
    Anybody know of any good deals at the mo?

    Sorry to go on but it's gotta last me a while and i wanna get the right tv.
    The kids occassionally play the wii and the the ps2 but will mainly be used for watching tv and films.

    Rep for your help.
    Thanks in advance


    is your budget £1800 this time too?

    Original Poster

    No, unfortunately not.
    I'd like to spend (less), but about £500 -£600.

    Is this a good deal/tv?

    I'd say get one of the LED 40"-46" ones, I'm a bit of a Samsung fanboy but Toshiba/LG/Sony does them too, FreeviewHD is nice but a very clear second to LED which cannot be purchased at a later date as a set top box whereas FreeviewHD will be and anyways if you have sky/cable like well over 13million do have kind of superfluous to the majority.

    My suggestion:…spx

    Free 5 years warranty, family has bought several TV's from them warranty is worth going for JL.

    Jaybizzle's Plasma is also very good too mind, choice is yours, suggest wondering around a Currys or Comet with their big TV displays and judge for yourself.

    Original Poster

    Thanks guys, rep'd.

    I'll have a look.
    What about this deal?



    Thanks guys, rep'd.I'll have a look.What about this … Thanks guys, rep'd.I'll have a look.What about this deal?

    For the money that looks very good

    id say bide your time and wait a bit
    with oled and 3d tvs coming out now you might want to wait and get one of them where there perfected

    Buy a Plasma, you will not regret it, LCD's are still not as good as Plasma TV's at anything over 40" ..

    If htere's no pressing need to upgrade right now, I'd hold on until the summer's out, or until after the world cup. There'll probably be a load of bargains around then, as shops try to clear the stock they bought in just for the football market, plus the newer technologies like 3D and LED will start to become a little more settled. Buying new tech at the start of its tenure almost always means highest prices and immature tech, so this probably isn't a great time to buy.

    Original Poster

    Ok guys, thanks.
    Think i'll wait till after the world cup and hopefully they'll be some bargains

    All rep'd.
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