Please help, does anyone have a spare 'bag a big night in' code???

    Well it's Saturday night and there's naff all on the tele, so I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to pm me a blockbuster 'bag a big night in' code that you can find printed inside various mars chocolatey bags (m&m's, galaxy counters, minstrels etc) I already have one from a 140g bag of galaxy counters, (heaven in a bag) but didn't realise you needed two to claim a free movie rental. So if anyone is feeling generous and has one to hand that they would probably just throw away anyway then can I pretty please have it with sugar on top????
    Oodles of rep and virtual hugs will be given in return, plus we can be 'special' friends lol


    yes i think i have 3... will PM them to you

    Original Poster


    yes i think i have 3... will PM them to you

    thank-you so much ((((hugs)))) xxx
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