Please Help!!! DVD Recorder in HD

    Hi Guys

    Sorry to be a pain on a Sunday hope your having a lovely weekend, need your help again if thats ok.

    My uncle wants me to find him a dvd recorder, anything up to £350, with a lot of memory probably 160GB will do but he wants it to record in HD so he can play back on his new HD tv.

    From what I have been reading, HDDVD playersrecorders are the ones to get instead of Blu-ray?

    Any help and advice on this would be great.

    Thanks in advance.

    Kelly :viking:


    What's he recording in HD? I'm not sure you can get one yet.

    But if he's recording anything apart from the few HD channels on sky, it won't be in HD. Will be in normal quality, or whatever quality your signal get's.

    I.e. unless your recording a HD stream, your not going to get HD quality when you play it back. Would be a complete waste of money at the moment and I'm not sure you can even do it yet.

    The HD Discs would cost a fortune too!

    Original Poster

    Ah that would make sense. I think he wants to record some of the HD channels he is getting onto his HD, and maybe put some of it onto disk. If it isnt available yet though he will probably have to wait.

    Is there a DVD\Recorder that is the best type to buy in the meantime?

    Thanks for your help
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