Please help find a photo frame for a 37x15cm picture.

Posted 31st Dec 2019
Please help find a photo frame for my stitched 37x15cm outdoor
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I think its classes as 15x6 as its done in inches, but just double check before you order obviously
Hi there. Did you realise you can mount this onto any sized backing you want? Then into any frame size you wish. If it doesn't have anything on the rear, i.e. text etc. then mount it to a self-adhesive backing (or use archival tape/tapestry tape) then an appropriate window mount over the top (effectively creating a 'sandwich' mount) and bang it into your choice of frame.

If you don't wish to tackle this yourself, take it to a framer and; judging by the size; it will cost a minimal amount to mount it. You don't have to get the frame from them either. They will just do the work you specify and no more, if desired. You can then go to somewhere like "The Range" and purchase a window mount and frame for your 'mounted' picture.

Hope you can achieve something satisfactory, PICNIC.

All the best, Phsy.
Tapestries and cross stitches often have to be 'stretched' before framing to get all the creases out and straighten them.
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