Please help!!!! How do I unlock my I phone??

Hi guys n girls
I have just purchased a i phone and I have been told I can unlock it to any network, It is still just sat in the box unopened, Please can someone guide me step by step as I am completely rubbish when it comes to this type of thing and I have not got a clue how to do it
Many thanks in advance


if you cant be bothered to do it yourself via methods im sure someone will post, then take it to your local market, the mobile phone guys there are able to do them. usually at around £10-20 though.

Portchy, Where did you get it ?

He's on about I-Phone :-D

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Thanks mate
It was from carphone warehouse

just download zip phone connect it to the computer and press one button, its really easy


Thanks mateIt was from carphone warehouse

If you don't mind, how much did it cost you ?

On the brink of buying one !

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It was a gift but I think it was £279.99 because they have gone back up, they advertised them at £179.99 not too long ago but the stock all went so they put them back up, dont know if I want it though because it looks complicated and I have only just renewed my contract and got a brand new samsung u900 which I love download that program its really easy to unlock

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many thanks

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do you pay for zip phone??


do you pay for zip phone??

Thanks for the help, repped.

And I believe zipphone is free ;-)

No it's free. If anybody in west yorkshire, well bradford. Can tell you a shop that have go a load and opened them up. Selling them for £200 fully unlocked

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I might even sell it mate as its not really my type of thing, thats why I want to unlock , gonna give the mrs 1st dibbs otherwise will list it on here, not sure what would be a fair asking price? their back upto £290s on ebay but obviously cant sell above rrp on here

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£200 wow that a good price

Just sell for what you paid, plus postage. Let them unlock it if you not sure.

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I dont think anyone would pay £279.99 though mate, would love it if they did though lol:thumbsup:

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do I have to put a sim card in first before unlocking it? told you I am bad at this lol

Check here for tutorial…9ow There will be a sim already in the iphone dont think it matters if its in or not
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