PLEASE HELP!!! I cant decide what the best case is for the 3gs?

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Found 31st Dec 2010
Im looking at spending under £15!

Looking for a case that will STOP dust and Lint getting inside etc but also provide protection for my new handset BUT not excessive like the Otter box Defender (the weatherproof/War Proof)

Thank you sooo much for your help guys!!!

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Im thinking maybe the "SPECK CANDYSHELL" case (not hard one)? any thoughts/Prices?

Been using this one for 18 months and the case has been great…rch

The best case for a 3gs is a bin

i got the skeleton case for mine off amazon about 14 pound

I've been using the £3 one's from ebay with free delivery & they look like Leather,feel like Leather & even smell like Leather.They look the part & look like the one in the link NFS has posted.

I have the incipio feather case (can get from amazon) great case fits really snug and offers great protection, has a matt finish and so less likely to drop it, My GF has the incipio feather for the iPhone 4 and it is shiny and not as practical I think.

Incipio Feather

Invisible shield, incipio feather, case mate,

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Went For SwitchEasy NeoCapsule
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