please help I dont know what size bikes to buy my 2 children

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Found 20th Sep 2008
my son is four and my daughter is eight.
they have never had bikes before as we had no garden, but now they want them i have no idea on the size, when im looking online it just says 10" 12" 14" ect ... both my children are big for their age and wear the next size up in clothing if that helps
regards allison

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measure their inside leg

most bike may say something like 'Suitable for leg measurements 34 to 41cm'

Yup measure inside leg, then find a site that converts inside legs to wheel size, thats what i did and got it all spot on!

Pop to ToysRUs or Halfords and get them to try out several bikes then come back here and we'll help you find a bargain

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thankyou ... that sounds pretty obviouse now you;ve said that, ill av to pretend im buying them some new school pants tho! i think my eldest might cotton on ... she's not daft

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cheers ... sound like a plan xx

i got my 4 year older bigger then fourteen inch. Go to a bike shop in town get them to try some then order correct size online

i got my 4 year old 12" as a 14" was ok for him but he rode the 12" better he is big for his years as well,

The best way to find out is to sit the child on the bike - when they are sat on the saddle it is recommended they are on tip toes. If you get a bike that suits this on the smallest level then it should last for a while as you can raise the seats and handlebars as they get bigger.

Also - as the children grow out of the bikes so quickly you can usually pick them up in very good condition secondhand quite cheaply....

So once you've been to the shop and found out what size to get, then look in your local free newspaper.

If you want them to learn to ride without stabilisers, we found the best way was to find a nice stretch of smooth grass (kids playing field) and run along side (why grass - because its softer when they fall over). You won't need to go to the gym once you've being doing that for 20 mins!!

Its also worth while getting helmets - Argos, Lidl, Netto etc sometimes have them on offer.

The only other thing to watch out for is that the styles of bikes vary and a 14" in one style might be right and too big/too small in another style.

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thankyou everyone, you,ve been a great help, cheers for the free ads tip too, i love a bargain
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