Please Help I Need Surround Sound System Advice For My Fiance's 30th Birthday Pressie!!

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Found 7th Jun 2009
Hey everybody, I'm looking to buy a top of the range surround sound system to compliment my Fiane's 40inch Sony HD TV and Sony PS3, and I basically don't really know where to start, as all the search engines are pulling up packages that include a DVD player and he doesn't need one, as he uses his PS3 to play blu rays and upscale his other dvds.
Has anybody got any experience with these and what extras I may need, as I saw some suggestions with ones that I searched for that mentioned buying a sound card and a hdmi cable (i think he has one of these already for his ps3, do we need another one?)
Obviously I'm looking for a bargain, but one that has excellent reviews, and it doesn't have to be sony, please can somebody help?? I will give rep and virtual hugs and kisses to everyone that replies lol
P.S I just spotted this on…593
It looks pretty good according to the reviews, is discounted and it doesn't include a dvd player. Also we have an adventous 2 year old, so do you think something like that would be better than the ones he can reach and potentially pull over and break?
Sorry for all the questions, and I hope it all makes sense. :-)
Thank-you in advance xxx


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Sorry the other link didn't work, is this any good? Or is there any better?

lots and lots better available, depends on your budget, if he doesn't need a DVD player and you've got the cash then look at seperates…m=4

Then add speakers.

Like i say it depends on your budget.

The guys at…php know a serious amount of stuff, maybe worth asking there?

Seperates all the way. You'll need somthing like ]this and some ]speakers

More expensive but worth it.

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Thanx for the advice guys. Rep coming to you both!!!
jtx do you know if those things you posted are any good?? I'm looking for ones with good reviews and would I need anything else to go with them like stands for example or can they be mounted on the walls? the speakers?

A lot depends on your budget really, if you let me know how much you want to spend I'll have a look for you.

Also is he into music much and what sort etc?

]This and]these

Look like a nice combination to me.

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Hiya jtx,
Thank-you so much for all your help, I really appreciate it, especially considering how little knowledge I have of techy things, even more so with surround sound!
I guess I'm looking to spend around the £300 mark, but if there is something spectacular with amazing reviews, that warrants a couple of hundred pounds more spend, then that would be ok.
The two links you posted look good, do you know if there are any reviews of those? Also we have 'Richer Sounds' where I live in Cheltenham, but I've never been in there, are they a good company?
Music wise, were a bit behind the times to be honest. We mainly listen to the radio in the car or shower and occasionally stick on the odd cd in the house and odd music channels on the tv.
Also he has a Sony KDL-40V3000 40inch LCD TV if that helps?
Thanks once again :-)
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