please help is global ultra wifi .com safe

Found 8th Jan 2016
Whatsapp launches Ultra-Light Wifi feature to enjoy free internet wherever you go for whatsapp application > here you can check if your mbile phone supports this technology good luck
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I got this message to get the free wi fi you have to invite 15 people, has anyone used it and does it work
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Can't see it being true.
walk away.
looks like a scam. stay clear. When it says forward to 15 friends, then you know its a scam.
Me thinks is a scam
Clearly a scam
Really Bro.

Come on now.

Recieved same msg from a friend today. It doesn't look like realistic
Its scam. I have tried this.
Here's a few reasons why it is totally a scam:

- if you actually click the website, it'll direct you to a page which looks similar to whatsapp' official website, but the URL is clearly different and not to mention, it is extremely easy for them to just copy the design

- clicking on the whatsapp logos on the page (one at the top, one near the copyrighted sign), brings you back to the same page, while on the real whatsapp website, it brings you back to the home page from wherever you are at. Clearly another major difference

- furthermore, if you'd think about the motives of for this, you'll realise that whatsapp has absolutely NO motive for promoting this ultra free wifi thing, they'd simply give it to all of us for free. Since we are all already consumers, there's no need for us to further promote this to other consumers (what? to get them to download whatsapp again? I don't think so)

- there are plenty of other suspicious points but they are more insignificant.
Install this
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