Please help kind ladies and gentlemen - I'd like to play music on my stereo speakers wirelessly from my laptop

Found 23rd Mar 2009
Dear all

I have a set of stereo speakers along with a laptop. I would like them to connect wirelessly so I don't have the fuss of cables. Neither are bluetooth capable, but are there any bluetooth receivers/transmitters that i could buy cheaply that would negate the need for a cable?

Any help would be most excellent and greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards



Going to be a very expensive process I think.

So Many ways of doing it.


Do you already have a bluettooth on your laptop

this speaker here is very good not sure why its been votedcold but good price will also work from your bluetooth phone…th/

You're going to have fuss either way whether you use wireless or wires. Personally, I'd pick a wire over the fuss of buying A/R hardware, having to replace batteries, having to put up with relatively poor sound quality, and all the random signal issues that wireless tends to introduce.


Is it a Stereo or just speakers? if it is a stereo then maybe one of those fm transmitter things?

or as masterruckus suggested.. get some new speakers. I notice your laptop doesnt have bluetooth either.. so possibly get some wireless headphones instead?…ne/…nd/

you can get 5% off too via…co/
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