Please help: Last cheque-back claim for Phones4U and Vodafone with regards to Cancellation

    Hello. I have a few questions for those who are familiar with regards to cancellation of contract after the minimum contract period and the last cheque-back claim with Phones4U+Vodafone.

    My minimum contract period of 12 months is due to expire on August 28. Do I speak to Phones4U or Vodafone to notify the cancellation after that date? On Vodafone's document I see that I have to notify Vodafone through writing 1 month prior to the termination date I would like. If that's the case, I am worried because my last cheque back claim date is 23rd August. I am worried that they might not process the cheque if I initiate a cancellation even though I am permitted to do so since contract time is up. I am a bit guilty cause this is one of those free phone + free contract package posted in here

    Thanks very much in advance.



    as long as you do not cancel before you will be fine, make sure your letter is dated and the send recorded so they cannot say you cancelled to early

    I have always cancelled mine dead on with cpw and never had any probs with cashback

    You contact vodafone to cancel.

    Your billing is in advance so you would have already paid for that month anyway.

    You don't have to worry about it affecting your chequeback, though for peace of mind you can always call/email Phones4U.
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