Please Help. Looking for 26" or 32" 1080p LCD TV around £300. Thanks.


    With all the current reductions in TV's me and my partner are trying to get one but I'm finding it confusing with 720p and 1080p and not all websites list which tv is which.

    So can anyone one help find us a deal for a 26" or 32" preferably 1080p unless there's not -that- much difference between 1080 and 720 around £300 - Preferably below or perhaps a little more for something -really- good.

    Thanks in advance


    Unless you are under one meter away from a 32" HDTV you'd be hard pressed to notice the difference between 720p and 1080p

    HD Ready 720p= 720 minimum vertical lines, 1080p = minimum 1080 vertical lines with hdcp chip to accept hdmi etc ready technologies, consoles/bluray players etc.

    However it is a bit late to make a large saving between small 720p and 1080p HDTVs really as 1080p will become the default standard in 2009 while manufactures/retailers try to deplete their 720p stock.

    If 32" is the biggest you can fit, I'd wait for all these desperate retailers who want to shed stock and not go bankrupt flog off a branded 32" 720p for £250 or less.

    Although if you want piece of mind I'd recommend John Lewis and their default TV 5 year warranty but then you are looking at £350-£450 range, if you can fit 37" that is what I recommend.

    P.S. Have a read of bitterwallet to see why you should be avoiding Currys/Dixons/PC World like the plague.

    I'm looking for a similar spec for a bedroom TV, anyone got anything?
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