Please Help - looking for a cheapish xbox 360 HD DVD player

    I didn't think i'd fall for the HD DVD player for the 360 - until I saw the DVD's for a few pounds, I know its been discontinued but any ideas where I can pick one up from....except the wonderful eBay of-course!
    I've looked in my normal places and can't seem to find any in stock for under 50-60pounds, any advice appreciated!


    Think you just missed one in another thread. lol

    How much did you want to pay?

    I've got one I've used about twice, along with fifteen or so HD-DVD's that I'll be looking to get rid off in the next few days or so.

    Any chance of listing your DVD's at some point just to get an idea? Have got a player but looking to increase my collection :thumbsup:

    Yeah, if I can't sell this as a package I'll put them on tomorrow. Will PM you when I've listed them! :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    I know I saw that missed thread...I've actually found a mate selling his like just now...result I think! But any chance I can see the list of DVD's as well
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