Please help! looking for an iphone

    Really need some help here......

    After already giving us her birthday present list and me buying the stuff my step daughter told us last night that she's changed her mind and now wants an iphone!

    We've explained that IF she gets one it will probably be 2nd hand as we dont want to spend much more. Ive put a wanted thread up in for sale/trade section but no luck yet.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction, cheap as possible, any iphone considered as long as it is BLACK


    the mrs is selling one locked to 02 for £150 and its brand new handset

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    the mrs is selling one locked to 02 for £150 and its brand new handset

    thanks for posting
    which model is it? is it brand new in the box? would you be able to post pics with your username please and full details in my wanted thread please?

    here's the link to my thread…94/

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    I have one for £220 its a iphone 3gs 32gb

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    my absolute max is £180, so a 32gb is probably out of my range

    Could do £200?

    Sorry forgot to mention it's white

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    she's adamant that she wants a black one, but thanks anyway. That's a good price if you make a thread in forsale/trade someone will take it


    Could do £200?

    that's a great price, you should sell that on no problem

    Why not get her a cheaper alternative? Many review sites say the HTC desire is better than an iphone 4, so it's definitely better than a 3GS, and you can get a brand new one for sub £180.
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