Please help marshall ward littlewoods

HI all im trying to find a 10% or more off in marshall ward to buy a telly,
In littlewoods i use
XX340 - BNPL FEBRUARY 2010 and
xx234 20% which is brill but because im using bnpl its gone from
£359.20 to £465.99

so if i go to marshall ward the same telly and use

its £374.92 which is good but if littlewoods has 20% but is charging me to bnpl why isnt marshal ward?? and can anyone find me more money off please xx


i thought you could only use one code at a time, saying that though i would never use any codes for any of them catalogues with the reputation they have for asking for the money back... just be careful

i know code xx133 is for 10% off electricals and 20% off clothing for marshall ward hope that helps.

oh and a bit of advice i would use the 20% off code xx234 on littlewoods and use the 52 weeks interest free repayment rather than the buy now pay later as i did this myself back in april on a tv for £600 that is due for payment in febuary but since then my partner got made redundant and money is now tight so i dont know how i am going to pay them as it starts with interest of 37% apr.

Hi, You can try XX133 which is 10% elec and 20% of everything else

sorry did not see this one above oops

i'm not sure about codes-but littlewoods direct is usually the cheapest one to use.

still works need a bed

Hi I Just Tried It, Xx340 Bnpl Code And Xx133 10% Or 20% Depending On What You Buy, And They Both Work Together Yeah!!!!! Hope This Helps
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