Please help maths question

    i got a 4ft x 1ft x 2ft tank and i need to know how many litres of water it holds.


    226.534773 litres

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    226.534773 litres

    thank you

    I make it 226.528 but I guess that splitting heirs!


    226.534773 litres :thumbsup:

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    thank for you help everyone

    1 foot is 0.3048 metres (always use 'International System of Units' measumrement units for such calculations).

    So 4ft x 1ft x 2ft is (4 x 0.3048m) x (1 x 0.3048m) x (2 x 0.3048m) = 0.226534773 m3 (cubic meters)

    A cubic meter has the nice property to be equivalent to 1000 liters.

    So 4ft x 1ft x 2ft is 226.534773 liters!

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    Hope it helps

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    i got a 4ft x 1ft x 2ft tank...

    ........wont be much of an invasion :?

    bout tree fiddy


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