Please help me!

    Yo HUKD peeps!

    I am wanting to make this get over 1000 views - maybe more - with your help!

    lol I was bored last weekend and thought I'd rock out!

    Tell me what you think, and help me by forwarding it on to everyone you know!…GJM

    J :viking:


    Not the best funniest video, but not bad.

    I viewed it anyway.

    A little more syncing and it would be funny

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys - I know it ain't brilliant - was my first attempt at synching and it went pearshaped lol - but I am just seeing what a couple of links can do

    don't worry though - I won't post future efforts here hehe - one's enough for sure!


    416 views....1 more chalked up for ya

    **** song, **** video innit

    Bit harsh innit?

    My opinion innit

    Harsh opinion though innit.

    Honesty innit, like Simon Cowell innit.

    if we tell him it's good he'll try and get on X Factor or summin innit


    i agree 4 star video and 4 star song, not quite good enough for 5 star

    Original Poster

    lol I'm not trying to get on xfactor

    **** video, awesome song tho IMHO


    lol I'm not trying to get on xfactor**** video, awesome song tho IMHO

    Lmao, nah. Song is **** so is video. Suppose we are all into different things tho.

    TOOOO much time on your hands mate

    lol i thought it was good for first attempt! keep trying

    Using a golf club as an air guitar.....criminal

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys n gals!
    Much appreciated!
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