please help me

    my thread has been locked saying used to many bumps i didnt now answering people questions and puting pics on clased as bumps seems a bit unfair and iam sorry if i have broken any rules i really did not now and would have not done any more if some one warned me


    You were warned....…gu/
    Now you must be punished and banished forever i'm afraid.

    Please leave your username at the door when you exit the website.


    as you havent read the rules its best you do now, only help that can be given



    The thread will remain locked, as will this one. We've given you the reason, but you are free to review the rules and relist after 7 full days have elapsed.

    We always try to remain fair to all members, and as you have exceeded your maximum quota of bumps, the only course of action remaining was to close the thread.

    Sorry, commenting is no longer available on this discussion.

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