Please Help Me!!!

Found 14th Nov 2006
Now I am mad!

I posted my Camera back to Pixmania because the power button had developed a fault (manufacturing issue, not wear and tear!).

I sent it via Royal Mail Special Delivery, cost me £7.40!

I have tracked the Parcel, says it was delivered by 1pm, day after I posted - great!

How ever, Pixmania tell me they haven't had it! Did Royal Mail really deliver it?

Where does that leave me? I have two contradicting pieces of information. One says they delivered it, other says it hasn't been delivered. Is this costly camera lost at my own expense?

Please help me!


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Right, you need to contact royal mail, get the proof of the signature, this may cost, but im not quite sure as its possibly free as its SD.
Try not to panic, when you have that go back to the company with your proof, speak to the manager aswell
Okay, I'll contact them tomorrow morning.

Thanks V. Much Joshanna!
No problem, if you have your tracking number you may be able to do it online?
If you pm me the number ill look into it for you
Mattc :-

Use RM track & trace (I hope you did): [SIZE=2][COLOR=#008000]]…ack [/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=2][COLOR=black]You will able to see electronic Proof of Delivery (in most cases), which will be helpful. [/COLOR][/SIZE]

If you prefer, you can contact our customer services to obtain a proof of … If you prefer, you can contact our customer services to obtain a proof of delivery certificate by filling in a ][COLOR=#0000ff]signature request form[/COLOR] and posting it to us. A Recorded Signed For™ proof of delivery certificate via Customer Services costs £2.20. There is no charge for a Special Delivery™ proof of delivery certificate.

More info ]>
Yep, all as i suspected
I thought it was free on SD, but wasnt 100% so didnt want to say without the facts
No probs Joshanna ;-)
Pixmania will have a backlog and i;d be surprised if recievership of the camera was there next day or within 3days of it arriving, not that im defending their appauling customer service, just explaining their CS doesn't get anywhere near the budget of sales, so expect slow, shoddy and bad service.

I've waited over 2months in the past for a refund on faulty goods, sales is always glossy, when things go bad it's always a struggle.
[SIZE=2]Special Delivery parcels are insured for £500 as standard, I guess.[/SIZE]
MattC all I can suggest is you call everyday, morning preferably when CS queues are light, to confirm they have recieved it, but experience tells me they will want time to validate your return which could take god knows how long before they determine what should happen.

Crucial ram are a good page people like pixmania should take example from, had 2 sticks of ram from them fail, when I called, they sent me a new stick replacement and charged me for it a the price i originally paid, when the returned stick was confirmed kaput 3days after sending it they refunded me the original cost, quick, efficient, great
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