PLEASE HELP ME buying Stuff / Goods - WHERE FROM ?


    I am newbie and if someone could help I would really appreciateI have bought a new house and will move in there in one to two weeks time. I want to know where can I get the best possible cheap deals on the following :

    Washing machine
    Fridge / Freezer
    Dinning Tables
    42 HDTV TV

    Thanks in advance


    Hi ]greatwhite. Welcome to HUKD! There are some help threads in my signature, specifically the "help on searching HUKD". This might be useful so you can look to see the kinds of bargains already posted here.

    Otherwise, I'd recommend Ikea for the furniture etc.

    i'd second Ikea for the furniture, but make sure a friend knows where you are going and what time you expect to return. than if you get lost or spend too much time inside, they can call a search and rescue party to come and get you.

    that place is dangerous

    For the white goods go to - they are starting to sell more budget lines and their own brand is well rated.
    u'll get quidco at 6% on electricals
    Delivery when they say they will and its free!
    The usual better warrantees
    Discount voucher?? But can't find any.

    dixons is competetive and you can pricematch and quidco...our TV was so cheap from them...also Tesco direct have some bargains and empire have codes for a first purchase you could use more than one name maybe for smaller items like toaster kettle microwave...

    This is a good place to search various items & will search all the main stores & online only sites at once.

    Where are you located? I have a washing machine and fridge freezer that I am looking to sell. They are not very old and neither have had much use at all. I bought them to set my younger sister up in a house we own, she's only 20 and basically missed her creature comforts at my parents so she has moved back to them. I am now selling the house and the contents.

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    Thanks to everyone who has replied and suggested ideas as well as to people who will respond but please keep posted your ideas and at least now I know where to start from or look..

    but pls keep posting...


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    I live near heathrow but depends what model and size of the freezer you have plus the condition....mail me th pics and I'll see...thanks

    I am in Tamworth, near Birmingham so I am guessing that it's a little too far for you?
    Let me know if you are still interested and i can sort some pics out.

    If you don't mind second hand,well try the furniture charity shops.
    I was going by YMCA other day and they had chest drawers for £2.99.
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