Please help me choose an all in one printer


    My current HP all in one printer has stopped working, looking for a new one.

    I am mainly looking for one with cheap ink, therefore I dont mind paying more for the printer up front. Currently my inks are costing me £12-16!

    The following features I need (although most of the all in ones will come standard with them);
    - Scanner
    - Photocopy
    - wifi

    I would also like bluetooth, cd printing, memory card reader, mini lcd display but they are not essential.

    I dont know where to start, if someone can recommend any brands to look at for cheap inks? I just need a starting point to look.

    Any help greatly appreciated


    ]Using the search finds some recent ones with heat.

    the epson are not too nad quality with cheap inks.

    something like the SX200


    epson are ver good, i pay about £12 for my inks, but they also have an extra 100% free in them, so its like £12 for two sets really, and they are good inks, i get them from catridgepeople, who are also on the cashback sites, mine is an old one now the rx425

    Epson is the best brand for cheap compatible inks I have had several different brands of printer and its the cheapest to run with the best results from compatible inks.
    They also do a few models with CD printing as well. The one below at Argos dosnt have CD printing but it is wifi, which is the feature you will pay the most for for in your main requirements.

    It is available cheaper elsewhere (SVP have the model above at £77.88 for example)

    The only problem I find these days is that alot of printers (and my Epson) use carts with chips on them that set a use-by date...this generally sucks when I don't use the printer much!

    However, I buy Tesco branded carts and take them back if the printer starts moaning they are not working...theres still plenty of ink shaking about inside them and as they are Tesco branded they exchange them

    HP Officejet Pro 8500? The printer is quite expensive but the ink catridges are something like £25 for 2000 pages which seems very good. I don't think it does CD Printing though (although it'll obviously print CD labels).

    I used to have an excellent website that let you list printers by print cost and loads of other catagories but I'm having trouble finding it again.

    EDIT: Sorry, that should be 8500, not 2500.

    HP Photosmart Premium Fax All-in-One Printer

    I bought one recently and have to say it is better than I expected.
    Individual inks for £9 (HP store, that's SRP so you can find originals for less or alternatives for half of this price), has got everything you want plus a lot more (duplex, ADF, fax, excellent photo printing) and still available half price deal is fantastic (you can find additional 10% off codes here too).…=uk

    EDIT: just checked the HP store website - today is the last day of this deal, so hurry if you want it

    Original Poster

    Thanks alot everyone, I have left rep for all!!

    Exbros, I went for the printer you recommended - its got everything I wanted and reviews seem good from yourself and others on the net. Worked out £112.50 after 10% off code plus 6% quidco.

    Thanks again everyone.

    Don't be surpised if the printer is delivered to your door tomorrow early morning :gift: (... happened to me).
    I am glad I could help :thumbsup:

    HP are having their Jan Sales!…222

    The printer here seems to do most things :-)

    Original Poster


    Don't be surpised if the printer is delivered to your door tomorrow early … Don't be surpised if the printer is delivered to your door tomorrow early morning :gift: (... happened to me).I am glad I could help :thumbsup:

    Thanks, theyve not got stock till the 29th - cant wait! Thanks again:thumbsup:
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