Please help me choose an entry level road bike.

Posted 7th Nov
I am a not particularly fit 37 yo. my son is really getting in to cycling and I want to go cycling with him. I have a full susp mountain bike so would like something for road cycling.
there are quite a lot of hills where I live.
I am 6"1 and about 16.5 stone.
budget of £300.
please advise.
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I can't advise on a specific bike, but personally, I'd only look at bikes with hydraulic disc brakes.
If that meant going over budget, then so be it.

Also think about if you want flat or drop bars. That might help other people out with their recommendations.
Looking for drop I think
Buy one on gumtree first to see if you like it
Not sure where you live but I've owned one of these for the past 5 years and love it, although I had mine from new,although don't get out as often as I would like.

Just make sure you buy the right frame size, plenty of websites to advice what you need.

Please view this ad:

Giant Defy 3 ,…oid

Price: £ 250
for that budget have a look at second hand bikes. you can get them really cheap on gumtree. if you are not particularly fit as you say, you may struggle up the hills if they are steep. get a light bike as that will help when you have to climb
Does your work have a cycle to work scheme? If it does you can get up to £1k which they take monthly payments from your wages before tax to buy a bike. On a £1k bike this means you actually pay around £680 for it.

I recently did this and bought a hybrid electric bike. As someone who hasn’t ridden much in 15 years on my second ride I did 30 miles across Dartmoor (very hilly) in just over 2 hours, 3rd ride it was 2 hours bang on.

The electric bikes only assist you so only help make it easier when you peddle when below 15mph, when above that they don’t assist at all. It takes some of the effort out of going up hill meaning overall the ride is much nicer and more comfortable.

I’ve even overtaken Lycra clad gents who have really expensive standard bikes going up hill and stayed ahead of them the whole way.

You still have to peddle so you do get a good workout, it just takes the edge of the hills so you can go further.

This is the road bike version of mine

I have a hybrid which is a cross between road tyres and mtb tyres.

I’m 6ft 2 and was 21st on 1st jan 2019 and now just under 16st (running, walking, cycling and diet) was 46 waist and now 36 waist. Stepping up my activities again after a break over the summer from diet/hard exercise.

If you go down this route make sure you insure it and buy appropriate lock etc for it.
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If you're not particularly fit then you're carrying about twenty kilos of excess weight so I wouldn't consider buying a new bike just to save three or four kilos.

Where do you find yourself most struggling on your current bike? You're older and it sounds like less fit and less experienced so a new bike won't let you keep up with your son, unless you get electric assist, so what do you want to get out of this buy?

Is it an endurance thing? Do you want to go for hours-long rides and your current bike isn't comfortable enough? You're better off looking at touring bikes, town/city bikes and hybrid bikes then, 'road bikes' are designed for racing rather than touring.

Is it gearing? I can't imagine a mountain bike has too low a gear range for the hills so do you want a higher top gear?

Have you considered buying a second set of wheels and tyres for your current bike? If it's got the typical tyres a lot of mountain bikes are sold with then that's going to be the biggest thing slowing you down. If there's no smooth or lightly textured strip on rubber on the centerline of the tyre but knobs with large gaps between then that's a good indication it's not designed for road use.

Or just replace the tyres if the only off-roading you do is firm dirt and gravel paths, you only need the knobbly tyres for the softer stuff.
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Is it a problem using your mountain bike on the road, I am not into cycling but I have always used mountain bike on normal roads.
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