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Please help me choose Best Suitcase for 15kg - 20kg allowance ? Antler or Tripp? Hardcase or not?

Posted 8th Jun 2009
Hello guys!

Could you please help me decide which suitcase to buy? I found these two, which one would you buy?

the antler on argos:


or tripp one:

either in aubergine or graphite

Any other suggestions are more than welcome. Baggage allowance is 20kg for my coming trip, but usually its 15 kg,so I am looking for something that would be fine for that range. looking for as lightweight as possible and reliable guarantee.
also couple more questions:
Question1: which one better hardcase or not hard case ?generally
Question 2: suitcase or maybe I should go for holdall,if yes, which one

and yes,price range is £20- £40 (max)

Sorry for long post, but I am I really cant make my mind up trying to combine quality, price, lighweightness and realiable guarantee. (expandable also looks like agreat feature to me)...
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Hardcases weigh appro 6 - 8 kilos, we had a bit of a shock but luckily we were with Virgin, my advise also buy one of the suitcase weigh scales they are great we take ours with us, the ones with a meat hook type thing on the end
Thanks ,I also want it to look nice Which one would you chose of the two above?Pleease?
the antler one weights only 4.6 and its a hard shell.. what do you think? do I actually need hard shell, it gets scratched easily...?
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