please help me find the gogo hamsters.

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Found 11th Nov 2009
hi all my mum has bought my daughter the gogo hamster fun house now we are struggling to find the actual hamsters can anyone point me in the right direction as i cant think of any where else to try. thankyou.

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Have a look … Have a look here:http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/524464/gogo-hamsters-the-official-thread

thanks but still no luck.

Toys r us seem to get them in on and off.

You might be best ringing local stores every day !

Just read a thread where Woolworths online had them about 2 hours ago in stock for all of 10 mins!!

Think you will just have to keep checking online and instore daily everywhere!


thanks but still no luck.

Think they meant try posting a request in the official gogo hamster thread and you might get lucky

my friend bought some in wilkinsons in Poole last friday for £9.99 and I think they have some online. Hope you find them.

every time ive been in my local toys r us they have had them i will look next time im in there good luck with your search

try ebay you will probabaly pay more tho
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