Please help me get a new mobile phone.


    Im looking for some impartial advice, please.

    I need to get a replacement for my current mobile phone. Im currently on PAYG with Orange and Im happy enough with that arrangement. I need to replace my current phone because it is very old and, recently, the battery has become unreliable. My main concern is keeping my old phone number.

    Im not looking for anything fancy or feature-packed cheap and reliable are much more important criteria for me.

    Can anyone give me some advice on things such as:

    1) Where am I likely to pick up a good deal?

    2) If I were to buy a new PAYG phone (via a special offer shown on HotUKDeals, for example) would I be able to just take the SIM card out of my old phone and put it in the new one (and, by doing so, move my existing phone number, address book, etc.) to the new phone? Presumably, as Im already with Orange Id have to get an Orange deal?

    3) What should I be expecting to pay for a basic phone/PAYG deal?

    4) Are there any other complications/problems that I havent even considered?




    I've just done something very similar. I'm on pay as you go Orange, probably use £10 a month so not worth me going on a monthly contract and wanted to keep my old number.

    I've just changed my old Sony Ericsson K750i for a W80i at Carphone Warehouse. I wanted the pink one and they were the best place I found (also same as Phones 4 You). I had to get a £10 top up on an orange sim card. Carphone Warehouse advised me to phone Orange and ask them to transfer the new top up to my existing sim so that I didn't need to change my number. Total = £90 I just put my old sim in the new phone.

    I then did a trade in of an old phone with a charger (any phone as long as screen isn't damaged and the phone can be turned on) got £10 off so in total £80.

    I'm really really chuffed with the phone and even though it's a walkman phone, the camera is better than my old one!

    You can get the white version of this phone on special offer with Carphone Warehouse for £60 but it says it's on Vodaphone. Ring them up and ask if it is unlocked as most Carphone phones are.…ep/

    Don't forget though, if buying through the internet go via Quidco 1st for cashback.

    ps. I did look at getting cheaper phones but their battery life was really poor and features were naff. You really do get what you pay for x

    ps. as long as a phone is unlocked you'll be able to use your old sim.

    Have you tried just buying a new batter for your phone if you are happy with it?

    aaaah, just lost my 1st post in response.

    I've just changed my old SE K750 for a W580i at Carphone Warehouse. I had to buy a £10 top up on a new SIM so I just called Orange and asked them to transfer it to my old sim, which they did. Popped in my old sim in my new phone and hey presto. A super duper one.

    I traded in an old phone (has to be able to switch on with no screen damage and a charger with it) so got £10 off. In total it cost £80. It's a great phone and even though it's a walman phone, it's camera is better than my old one!

    I did look at the £40 mark initially for a phone but on the specification of them the battery life didn't last long. As the saying goes, 'you get what you pay for'.

    Carphone are doing my new phone on a clearance deal with Vodaphone for £60 + £10 top up. You could ring and ask them if the phone is unlocked and if it is (most carphone phones are) then you'll be able to pop in your old sim card.

    If you really don't care about looks and functions then i'd suggest you look at Orange's own make of phone called Berlin.

    It's a minefield out there, good luck x

    Original Poster

    Hi mrsj2008

    Thanks very much for going to so much trouble to give me all that info. I'll investigate the Carphone Warehouse deal (although I did email them about a week ago about something else and didn't get any form of response so they are off to a bad start!)

    As you say, its a minefield and I'm particularly dreading having to deal with some smoothie salesperson. Ugh!
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