Please help me get a quiet life !!

The HUKD team have never let me down yet. So here I go again seeking your help. My 1 yrs old daughter has truely bonded with her 'Berkshire Baby' blanket and when it is not near her (when it is getting washed or forgotton) she is to the say the least not happy. Searched high and low online and in TK Max where we got it without success. The label has Berkshire Baby on it with a picture of 4 ducks on it. Last resort help please.


Here is the companies details, maybe give them a call Monday and see where their resellers are:

Berkshire Babies Tel: 01628 771146| 10, Norden Meadows, Maidenhead, Berkshire SL6 4SB

could you pop a picture on?

lol, my son was addicted to his penguin till he lost it on hols, luckily was happy with a replacement bunny. he's now 3 and I think we are on bunny number 5 now! we found ebay quite good for exact replacements.

son number 1 still has his monkey in bed after 6yrs though! it went in the river once and was rescued by a dog!

my eldest who is now almost 21 used to take his " cheeky monkey" everywhere with him... one day we left it on a bus by mistake.. oh dear he never accepted a replacement, he was 2 max when we lost it.

I used to use my mother's hair as a comforter... still love the smell of freshly washed hair dried in the sun!

OP hope you find something your lil one will accept to comfort her x x x

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Hey. Thanks for so many quick replies. I will ring the company on Monday. This definetly is a freindly and helpful web site.

If you do have to get her a different 1 (i know she's only 1) you could take her shopping and let her pick what she wants, they do have their own minds at that age and it'll be fun for her too, hope you sort it


I wouldnt replace it, sorry of that sounds harsh and i do understand as my son had a blankie but at 2 started wanting it all the time so it had to go as he would only have blankie when he had dummy, and it turned from a night time thing into an all day thing, would have been easier had i dont it earlier, if she is likely to latch on to things she will anyway, as my daughter had a blankie and for each time it was lost or removed she latched onto something else, my son never latched onto anything after his blankie was removed

I found ebay great but you have to wait for stuff to come up. I have ended up getting a family of toy dogs for my son after spotting them on there. I got an exact replica incase his was lost but at 4 he has the same one and it is so worn now he would never accept it as the same.
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