Please help me im stuck on buring discs :(

    Hi ive done this b4 using media and nero etc years all seem to have changed with file types etc.
    The problem im having is burning films onto disc sometimes they burn sometimes they dont. this is what im doing, programs/films into file i add to burn then burn them onto direct disc- not through media or nero as cant add them there. i know to copy a dvd you have to decypter but surely you dont if they aint copyied thru direct disc??? im completely stuck wit hit all and there aint a course i can go on as if their was i wud jump onto it just to get my head round it all

    Can somebody help ???


    If you're backing up DVD movies, you'll still need to decrypt the information.

    Download DVDShrink, which is a very easy program to do this with.

    :)divx is good


    :)divx is good

    Divx is a codec - what use is that in backing up DVDs?

    Best for dvd films is clonedvd for copying and shrinking of the image to fit ona 4.5g dvd. You will also need anydvd…tml

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    Thanks so i need to put everything through a dvd decyrpt? even tv shows? how many films on each disc?

    if you get anydvd and clonedvd you wont need dvd decrypt or dvdshrink as these two will do the decrypting and shrinking all in one go on the fly, automatically and it is all done in 25-35 mins depending on amount of compression needed.

    what type of film files are you buring from and to? original dvd to dvd, Divx to dvd? dvd to divx?
    also i had loads of trouble with fails I checked, drivers, hardware,dlls, reinstalled software turns out i had a few bad batches of disk,. Once i swapped to a new brand no problems.

    To summarise what you need is
    dvd 2 dvd = anydvd plus clonedvd
    dvd 2 divx = anydvd plus clonedvdmobile
    divx to dvd = convertxtodvd 3 (no need for anydvd)

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    normal download not sure what divx is and if that is avi.... i just want to put it on disc so it will play for my mum as she loves dexter and havent got box anymore

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    aNYONE???? [PLEASE

    AVIs are normally DIVX encoded, so any DIVX to DVD conversion software will do the job.

    Either that or convince her to get a DIVX enabled DVD player and just copy them onto a DVD directly.

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    thanks xboxguru
    i think she has got a divx player & i was just putting them straight to dvd- they woulnt say wrong or bad disc just going on then straight off again. maybe just bad discs. whats with dvd+ & dvd- & dvd= type discs you buy do these make a difference??

    DVD-Rs are more widely compatible but DVD+R is a better specification.

    I've no idea what DVD-Rs you're buying at the moment, but I'd recommend Taiyo Yudens as they are extremely good quality discs.

    If they're not playing, it may be a case of the DIVX DVD player not liking the codec. What's the make and model as it may have or need a firmware upgrade for better support.

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    im not sure i will ask tomorrow

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    OMG i put the avi file through converttxttodvd and still it aint playing. any idea's why????


    OMG i put the avi file through converttxttodvd and still it aint playing. … OMG i put the avi file through converttxttodvd and still it aint playing. any idea's why????

    does it play on your PC as a DVD-Video? What's the contents of the root of the disk? You should have VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS as folders.

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    one played on pc but not on dvd player another one didnt play at all
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