Please help me out here...

    For the love of god, please tell me im reading this wrong and flump is some medical term? i have looked on google but nothing is coming back!

    you cannot call your kid flump?! lmao


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    obviously a nickname as it rhymes with bump!

    maybe its just a nickname for the baby while its in the womb.

    flump = fetus lump or something lol

    flump is a yummy marshmallow sweet, maybe just maybe something has gone awry.

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    obviously a nickname as it rhymes with bump!

    i hope so! i said.. '' your callin your kid flump?'' but she deleted the comment which got me thinking X)

    Us women have all kinds of names for our unborn children,but Flumps = Marshamallow shapes.

    This is what they grow up like

    my bump was always called jelly baby as thats what it looking like on my 1st scan, so its most likely a nickname

    Its better than what my mate called his unborn rugrat....... Frogmella

    aww its sweet to nickname your bump, mine was called pudding, then when he started moving he was called squirmy and that nickname has stuck to this day, because he dont stop still long enough not even when he's sleeping lol

    my mate called her baby (a la womb) 'frodo'

    My baby was called 'Not pies'
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