Please help me save Christmas with laptop suggestions/support!

Looking for a laptop for my 7 year old who will mostly be using it for internet, MS Office (he's learning about PowerPoint at school!!) and Minecraft (maybe Roblox and Motorsport Manager).

Don't want to spend a fortune as he'll probably want a gaming desktop PC in a couple of years.

I'm really not very technical so struggling with the spec needed to run Minecraft without too much lag!

Which of these would be the best buy?…prd…prd

Has anyone come across anything better in a similar price range?


Any new laptop is going to run Minecraft, lag will be down to your internet connection.

Look at used outlets for ex lease business laptops, they are sturdier and more likely to survive a 7 y/o boy. Leases are usually 2-3 years, so they wont be too slow/out of date.

I would go with Lenovo, good machines and better spec for price

Personally, I would go for the acer. Although it doesn't have as much ram as the Lenovo, it is cheaper and shouldn't be laggy unless there are problems with internet.
I agree with what Gentle_Giant was saying though, for a 7 year old it might be better to get a sturdier laptop. Amazon have some pretty good warehouse deals on refurbished laptops which might be worth a look

Don't know if you're interested but on amazon they have a Acer Aspire ES1-512 15.6-inch Laptop for just under £260 which is the one I have so would recommend. In the customer questions section it says that it plays sims 3 & 4 without lagging so would be perfect for running minecraft ect.
Hope it helps

I highly recommend these from the Argos Ebay outlet. Bought one for my 12 year old daughter in purple and it was immaculate (even though 'refurbished') in original box with all accessories and manuals. Also comes with the same guarantee as a 'new' one. Its fab, fast, looks great and is ideal for schoolwork....and playing sims lol!! The link is to all the asus ones....she has the purple one top left although I suspect your boy may prefer the silver or red lol!! Complete bargain.…tch

I wouldn't recommend a particular brand, as all manufacturers can have a bad batch. More the best deal at the time is best for you, providing spec is enough. Agreed with the above comments of ex business laptops being sturdy, but usually hold a premium and limited warranty. Do you have a budget? Maybe what you like to spend up to the max you could spend.

go for the lenovo.better spec for not much more money. if you can afford to buy outright look at argos ebay for a refurbished i3 and save about £80. good luck

I have a Lenovo E530 and it is good enough to run Zwift, which is more demanding than Minecraft (As far as im aware), granted i did upgrade the RAM to 8gb from 4gb. The only issues i have seen with these laptops is that the hinges seems to break, although mine is fine.

I have literally just bought another one off Ebay for my 12 year old for similar reasons (Although i'm sure he'll have other ideas on its use)

Mine i paid £120 and just got his for £82

I would go with Lenovo, good machines and better spec for price

The only option is the Lenovo, as the Acer is out of stock and the Microsoft Office was an added extra that had to be paid for.

Buy this laptop it's the best spec sub £300 laptop at the moment on this site.
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Thanks everyone, we've gone with the Lenovo!
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