Please Help Me With A Mobile Phone, Which One???

    Hi you nice people out there, I am with T Mobile and today i am going to get me new mobile phone on upgrade. I went to town this morning into the T Mobile shop but there computer systems were down so the lady said she will call me back to let me know what phone can i have free, They are offering me:
    HTC Hero
    Nokia 5800 Comes With Music for 12 Months
    Please help me decide as i am using a sony ericsson k800i at the mo.
    Thanks for your help.
    Witch one should i get and why.
    I am using a very old computer and the internet is very very slow so cant realy compare the 2.
    Thanks again.


    If the choice is only them, then i'd go for the HTC.
    Had the 5800 and hated it, couldnt wait to get rid.

    iphone ...

    Push for the HTC Desire

    scrap the phone, get an english class...........

    Original Poster

    Why should i scrap the phone, and get an english class? Im just asking for some help.

    dont mind him some people are just sad .

    IMO best phones you can get, in order;

    HTC Desire
    Google Nexus
    Iphone 3GS
    Sony Errisson X10

    Don't get the Sony VIVAZ, it's rubbish!

    If they aint offering you any of those, don't bother!

    Original Poster

    Hi people just called the lady again and she says the best deal she can do is offer me a HTC Hero and a 8GB memory card with it for free the other phones they are offering are old and rubbish, Do you lot think i should go for the HTC Hero? As i asked for the Sony Ericsson X10 and the HTC Desire but i have to pay for the pgones about £120.
    I will get
    800 mis
    500 text
    unlimted internet
    HTC Hero
    8GB Memory Card
    all for £22.50
    18 months???
    Thanks everyone.

    The HTC Hero will be a year old in July, plus you'd have to keep it for another 18 months, making it 2 & half years old when you finish your contract!
    I'm pretty sure you can get a better deal then that, you could phone then & tell them other providers are offering much better deals!

    Login to the t mobile site, go to upgrades, see what they're website offers you!

    Might be worth getting a 24 month contract, if you get a much better phone, or change your tarrff, so you can get a better free phone…de/

    :lol: beat me to it


    scrap the phone, get an english class...........

    I suggest you answer his question rather than picking on his grammar


    scrap the phone, get an english class...........

    If you ain't going to help, please don't post c**p
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