Please Help Me With iPhone

    Hi there people i have a iphone 3gs 32gb white, witch is on 3.1.3 and i want to jailbrake with
    If i jailbrake with can i save my ECID SHSH FILE? as apple no longer sings 3.1.3 only ios, If i upgrade to ios 4.0 and dont like it can i downgrade to 3.1.3 as there is a lot of reviews on the internet that ios 4.0 is slow and buggy.
    So i have a brand new 3gs 32gb witch i want to jailbrake and save my ECID SHSH FILE and want to try out ios 4.0 but if i dont like it can i downgrade? Can you people please please help me. Also is:
    1) Can i jailbrake a iphone 3gs 32gb white on ios 4.0
    2) Can i sitll get my ECID SHSH FILE evan apple has stoped singing 3.1.3
    3) If i upgrage to ios 4.0 can i downgrade?
    4) how do i get my ECID SHSH FILE?
    5) can i use this tutorial on this website:…htm
    6) Would i need to jailbrake 1st to get my ECID SHSH FILE OR NOT?

    Thanks for your help people any help welcome.


    Have a look at iclarifieds guide here, remember to check version 4 TOO if you plan on using that. Be very careful also, read and re-read their guides/walkthroughs. ]http//ww…php

    IOS4 isnt slow...

    you wont be able to save the shsh's as apple have upgraded to ios 4 now and therefore will not sign any lower firmwares (that was the point of the whole system).

    My advice; stick with 3.1.3 if you have the new bootrom as then you can remain jailbroken :thumbsup:

    Bring out a iOS4 jailbreak please! somebody, anybody ?! haa
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